Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Poor Neglected Blog

I think about my blog often. Especially when I get the e-mails stating that there is a new comment that needs publishing. Sadly 99.9% of those comments are just spam bots. Tonight however there was a real comment.
It made me realize that I have neglected my blog. It's not that I don't have a lot of things to say cause I always have stuff to say. ;) I just found a new way to get through things. God is my new blog ... whenever I need to vent, cry, need a friend, etc. He is there for me.

I started my blog as a journal to look back on. It was used for venting and sharing. I miss you my sweet blog but I am glad that I do not need to rely on you for so many things. My life today is so much different now and I am so very happy. :)

I am very very glad that I had to go through all of the things I have written about. They have shaped me and made me who I am today. I am also glad that I wrote those things out and that my life (even though I have been a neglectful blogger) story is helping others. :) God is so powerful and amazing. My struggles that I shared on the internet are helping random people see there life in a different way. Giving them strength and hope to move forward. Thank you Lord!

A quick update then I am off to bed. The last 6 months have been great. I finally moved in August and it was very weird to move to a new place without my Mini-me but I adjusted quickly. Turtle moved in with me full time in October after she and her dad (the ex husband) had a falling out. I only agreed to her moving in full time if she pursued counseling to work on their relationship. They went to counseling for the first time together a little over a week ago. From my understanding it went pretty well. She would like to go back to staying 2 days a week at his house but I am not sure that is going to happen :( It breaks my heart to see my kids hurting ... especially when their dad is the reason why.

Little Man and Little Bird are still splitting time between the two houses and are doing great. The Princess started daycare when I returned to work in Sept. and she loves it. She turned 2 1/2 a few days ago but she looks like she is 18 months. It appears as though she will be petite. :) She is very bright and probably on the edge of being gifted. Not just mom talking ya here. The girl knows all of her colors, can count to 14, knows her shapes and recognizes 5 letters of the alphabet and a few numbers. She speaks like she is 3 or 4. Very articulate and has a great vocabulary. I think she is going to be a lot like Little Man (who is very intelligent).

I returned to work and school in Sept. after an awesome summer. By mid October The Princess and I had both been sick twice. I was stressed with Turtle moving in full time and just exhausted. I did a lot of praying and God showed me that I needed to stop going to school. Huge heartbreak for me but at the same time it was a relief. It took a few weeks to adjust to not having homework every night but my stress levels are so much better. My house is clean all the time now LOL and I get to spend time with my kids. :)

I am very super single and love it. I realized the other day that I am coming up on 3 years of not being in any type of relationship with a man. Totally unheard of for me since I was about 14 years old. I have always had a relationship. If I wasn't hooked up with someone I was flirting. I wouldn't even know if someone was flirting with me these days. Ha ha ha. I am patiently waiting for God to bring me that amazing husband that He has promised me.

Mini-Me and my son in law are doing wonderful. :) Married life is treating them well. Mini-me is going to college full time, teaching dance to 4-6 year olds, and still being a "nanny" to one of my wonderful friends babies.

My dearest blog (and readers if I have any left lol) I will try not to neglect you anymore. I can't promise that I will blog daily, weekly or even monthly but I will try to come and blog at least once every 6 months. :)

To the newest person who commented I hope that you can move forward with out the abusive relationship. You deserve better and so do your children. No one deserves abuse ever! I understand how hard it is to leave and now that your pregnant it seems even harder but do it. Do it for you. Do it for your children. Do it for the baby your growing inside of you. You can and you are fully capable of taking care of your children without a man. Especially one that is abusive. Find new friends that are supportive of you. Show your children what healthy relationships look like and break the cycle of abuse. :)  I have no idea who you are but I will pray for you. :)

I always say it will be a quick blog and it turns into a book ha ha ha ... With all of that I am off to bed.