Monday, March 30, 2009

Titles Suck ...


I miss you! You would have been another year older today. At midnight I would have called you and sung Happy Birthday. I would have called you several more times throughout the day and sung it again. I would have bought some silly birthday card from me and one from the kids that they would all sign. Of course it would have a few scratch off lottery tickets in it. You would have me scratch them off ... I have yet to figure out why you always made me do that. More than likely you would win a few bucks.

I am willing to bet we would have eaten at Tio Pepe's over the weekend. Not tonight cause I didn't have the kids and I started school but you probably would have stopped by today just to see me.

FUCK!!! I miss you something fierce. Sorry potty mouth. I often wonder if you can see me. Are you proud? I am not giving up!! I will keep on pushing through the crap in life. Do you see my floors. I can only give credit to you for teaching me how to do that kind of stuff.

I know you are around. I keep finding pennies. I try to pick them all up but sometimes I leave them cause I am in a hurry. I always feel bad when I leave them. Someday I will have to explain the penny story so other people don't think I am totally nuts. Well as you would tell me "You are nuts" Ha ha ha

Anyways ... Happy Birthday Dad!

Your Oldest Daughter

Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. ~Author Unknown


T said...

Shannon, this touched me. My dad passed away in 2007 and I.... often wonder if he's proud of me too.

Thank you for sharing this.

tcurry said...

yes thank you!! Tues was 8 years since my daddy died and i miss him soo much, i am totally with you on the whole penny thing, except with us it is 11 cents, always, either a dime and peny or whatever you get the point. anyways, i found your blog thru mommas losin it, and jsut wanted to say you are not alone, and i do firmly believe they are looking down us, and proud as hell !!!