Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello?? Anyone here?

When I got home the other night from work my internet was working. It has been such a long week I am finally getting around to catching up on my favorite blogs.

Wed & Thursday sucked big time. At work the kids were crazy and parents had no problem yelling at me. To top it off they are cutting 4 days off the school year for our School District so I will be out days of pay. They haven't told us what it going to happen for the next school year but it is a possibility that I may be without a job or they can cut my hours in half. *sigh* So trying not to freak out and just have peace about it all. I have made it this far and through other rough times I can get through this.

No work today as it is a grading day. Ran a ton of errands with Mini-me & Little Bird today. While we were out we passed a 4 car accident that literally happened a minute before. As we are making the turn onto the street we need to be on I tell Mini-me to stop talking about the accident as it was causing me to feel panicked (car accidents freak me out for many reasons). Just as I say that I realize that the cars in front of me are not moving and people are going around them. There was another accident.

As I go to drive around the two cars in the accident Mini-me starts freaking out that the driver of the car that ran into the other car was passed out in her car. It was just a bumper thumper accident so it was weird to Mini-me to see the lady passed out. There was a guy from the street (umm like a bum) trying to help her as the driver of the other car was calling 911 and standing next to her car. Mini-me made me pull over to go help. So I did ... I ran to the passenger side door where the street guy informed me that the lady was having a seizure. Sure enough she was. :( My first time actually viewing one and all of the things I know I am supposed to do for someone having one is flying through my head. The street guy had put her seat back and put the car in park as her foot was still on the gas. I just stood and watched her seize. Making sure there wasn't any way for her to be injured.

She came out of it and was very startled to find me in her car. Honestly she had no idea about what was going on. Normal for someone that has just had a seizure. I managed to get her to tell me her name and I explained to her that she had a seizure and help was on the way. As soon as help got there I left. Not much for me to do at that point.

The entire thing is bothering me though. I don't know if this woman has ever had a seizure but I am thinking probably not. There was a car seat in the back of the car and a bottle on the seat next to it. My mom thoughts going crazy wondering if she was on her way to get her child or if she just dropped the child off. I need to let this go as it is eating at me. I did everything that I knew how to do.

So much more I am sure I could write about but I will save that for another time.

Give your stress wings and let it fly away. ~Carin Hartness


T said...

Yikes. That would freak me out too! Good for you to stop and help. Some people would just drive on by...

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

My uncle suffers from severe epilepsy and has grand mal seizures often. It is scary to witness. I am thankful my children have not had to see it as I saw one when I was young and it truly terrified me.

You did the right thing to stop. As the other poster said, many people don't. If you did all you knew to do, you have to let it go. Seizures happen for lots of reasons, low blood sugar can cause one, all sorts of things. I'm sure she got checked out.

That Girl said...

I hope everything is ok with your job!

Kori said...

Ah, we are having the same issues here so far as the school system goes. No money, cutting positions, going to four day weeks next year, summer school from 4 weeks to two...and everyone suffers. I will send good vibes up for you, whatever its worth. Also, I think that you are so brave and strong to stop and help, and your kids will remember that.