Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby B has arrived ..

One hour and one minute after my last post Baby B made her arrival in to the world. :)
She was born at 7:53 pm (PST).
She weighs 6lbs 4oz
She is 18 1/2 inches long
Apgars were 6 and 8 (she had some struggles)
and can I just say cuter than all get out. :)

She had a little trouble breathing and was a little blue but after some vigorous rubbing she got to crying and pinked up. :) She is a champion at nursing.

Mini-me got to attend the birth even after I originally said no LOL. I declined to cut the cord and let Mini-me do it. :) Talk about a special moment.

I will post pictures and a full birth story soon. Along with how I told The Coach and his reaction. LOL

Thank you all so much really for the positive comments and support. I really couldn't be more blessed in my life. :)

Oh and my other kids are IN LOVE with their new baby sister.


Anonymous said...


T said...

Hooray!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!

April said...


C said...

Yay for you! I'm glad the birth went okay and that you can relax and enjoy all your babies for a bit. Good things are coming you way, I can feel it. :)

Hef said...

CONGRATULATION!!! I'm so happy that she's here and you're all doing well. My little bro is 15 years younger than me and his birth was one of the most significant moments of my life (right up there with my own baby)! I bet Mini-Me will feel the same.

Nappy Kitchen said...

I'm so glad that she's has arrived! I am also veryyyy happy that you are allowing her to nurse. Remember to sleep when she does.

Hotpink67 said...

oh she's adorable! Congratulations, hope you are doing well!