Thursday, July 8, 2010

Be Still

I am not very good at being still. When life feels like it is spiraling out of control I need to do something. It is so hard to just sit and wait. God however has me on this path of being still. I have been on this path for a few months now and I have learned so much about myself and others around me. God really has done some major work on and in me.

I have to personally admit that I am a little tired of being still. LOL I am not questioning God or his timing/plan. I am just starting to feel panicked. I know that this is when He is telling me "HEY SHANNON ... You need to rely on me more now than ever. Trust me. Have Faith. I have it taken care of."
My response back goes something like this ...
"Umm yeah God I do trust you. I have seen everything you have done for me over the past few years but why oh why do you have to take me all the way to the edge like this? Oh wait I know why ... You are building me up. Refining me. Making me stronger and more patient. You are wanting me to fully rely on you no matter what. (In my small little kid voice) ... Please God can I just have this baby soon and can you bring me a new home before I am homeless? I want it to be your time and plan Lord but man I am human and really struggling."


We have to be moved out of the house in 20 days. We have about 15 days to find a place and get it approved for housing assistance before we can move in. I trust God! He really has taken care of me but I am human and I am having a lack of faith moment and starting to panic.

On the baby front I fully believe she has decided to take up permanent residence in there. Saw one of the partners at my Dr.s office today. I am still at 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Her head is at zero station which is pretty darn low. That explains the pubic bone pain and probably the hip/back pain. You would think with her head that low the pressure would efface me more and dilate the cervix ... sadly no. :( On a good note ... I gained back the 2lbs that I lost plus put on another 1/2lb. I was officially 140lbs today. Total weight gain ... 20lbs. :)

What's really hard about this being still is I am worried about having a baby and moving with in days of each other. It's me. There is no man in my life to help pack. To help move. I have had friends tell me they will help with the move. As will the church. I am sure they will but that requires me asking and I suck at that. I have pride issues. Probably something else God is going to whip right out of me. LOL

On a fun note ... Both Turtle and Little man are playing in softball and baseball tournaments this week. Turtles first game was last night and man on man was it epic. Twice my Turtle was the girl that tied the game up. They had to play 3 innings to break the tie to see who went on to tonights game. Normally they have a 2 hour time limit on these games ... last night was just over 3 hours. Can't wait to see how tonights game goes ... hoping it it isn't as long. LOL It was hard to sit in 90+ degree heat and hold my bladder. LOL

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. ~Martin Luther King Jr.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your story and keeping your family in my prayers, but haven't commented until now. I get the pride and not wanting to ask for help, I've not asked for help more times than I can count. But guess what, people in your life would prefer to be given the opportunity to be helpful, than to find out later than you suffered alone instead of reaching out to them. Ask your friends for help. Ask your church family for help. People get great joy from helping, try to see that side and just ask.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with not wanting to ask for help. For me it is not only the pride of admitting you can’t do it alone but the feeling of admitting a failure. As mothers we are that strong force in our children’s life and, at least with me personally, I feel I shouldn’t have to ask for help but to just soldier on. Through a few recent trials I have realized more and more that everyone loves to help and that even though they are helping you in a small way you are also helping them. I will keep hoping for the best for you and sending out positive vibes.

leelee said...

WOW! I am a sinlge mother too and thank goodness for your blog. It reminds me that although sometimes i think i have it tough... there is always someone out there in the same boat or has it tougher. Congrats to you and all the other strong mothers out there.