Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Baby ...

I am officially 38 weeks and just shy of 4 days pregnant . A record in the land of pregnancies for me.

My Dr. has been on vacation since July 2nd and was very surprised to see me this morning. She said when she got home on Sunday night she went through the files to see if I had given birth and figured that somehow I had given birth the day before or was giving birth then and she hadn't been updated yet. We are just floored that I am still pregnant.

I have been dilated at 1cm and 50% effaced for over 3 weeks. Thought for sure with all of the contractions I would deliver weeks ago. However this sweet baby has decided she is hanging out now and likes it in there.

My Dr. went ahead and stripped my membranes today. Hoping to jump start labor as I have been cramping and contracting since Thursday. I wish I could report that I was in labor now but sadly I am not. I am having some more intense contractions but nothing regular. Well they might be regular but I am not timing them. If they continue for a but longer I will time them.

I spent most of my day walking. I walked the mall. Walmart. My neighborhood. I took my car to the car wash and vacuumed it out.

If this sweet baby decides to stay in I will be induced Monday morning at 8am. I am not super thrilled to go this route. The thought of pitocin to start contractions freaks me out. :( It means they won't let me up to move around much ... which I will not be happy with.

My Dr. is on call Thursday. She told me if I have ANY contractions that seem some what regular to come in and she will check me again. I think that if I have not had her by Thursday afternoon or show no signs of having her I am going to call the Dr. anyways and discuss the induction.

If I am dilated Monday morning to say a 3-4 then I will just ask her to strip the membranes again. If I am a 2-3 I am going to ask if we can start with Cervidal on the cervix to see if that will start things. I just hate the thought of jumping right into the Pit. :(

If I am lucky this baby will do what Little Man did. I went in on a Fri. was told to come in that Monday for the Cervidal. To everyones surprise I was at 4cm and in labor. :-o

That is my jumbled rambling for the day. Oh wait ... we still have not found a place to live. We have to be out of the house next Wed. Yes that would be 2 days after my induction. Oh Baby!! My faith is still there but I will be honest I am worried. Praying my heart out for a house.

Ahh one last thing ... No I am not telling The Coach about any of this. He will be called after the baby arrives. I don't want him at the birth or evening knowing I am in labor. Do I feel bad about this? For the most part no. I have a little tiny sliver ... I mean like one of those slivers you get but you can't see ... of guilt that he won't be there but that is just because I still love him and wanted the birth a certain way. He has chosen the path he is on ... not me.

There are 5 ladies at Church that know because I needed prayer. My friends Grr and L both know because they are my labor buddies. My mom knows well cause she is my mom and The Ex knows so that he can be prepared to take the kids. I am not telling any other friends or family members. I am trying to keep this as low key as possible.

Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us. ~Socrates


T said...

Oh wow... Thinking of you.

cassee01 said...

so are you guys packed up or ... as someone who had to move three weeks after a c-section I'm worried for you...

Shannon said...

We have 4 boxes packed and I am a bit worried also. LOL My church is wonderful though. They have told me over and over again that they will help with whatever we need. I have a few friends that have said they will help also. And last night I spent an hour talking to my neighbor and he said he would help also. :)

Anonymous said...

You are an amazingly strong woman! You seem to be dealing EXTREMELY well w/ all the curve balls. I could learn from your behavior. :o)