Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It has been 8 months since I have written.
Life in general seem to keep me from here. When I started my blog it was mainly to write about life when I couldn't find any other way to deal with things. God now plays a huge role in my life ... blogging has taken a back seat. I miss my blog. I miss writing. I have been wanting to come back and write again just haven't found the time. Mini-me even said that I need to write again. Just to write.

So life is good. :) 8 months of life has passed and I can say pretty much drama free. I have been blessed countless times over the past few months. God really has been taking care of me. I have healed a few sore spots on my heart and life. I still have a lot more to work on. Areas I could write about and I hope to write about.

Maybe I will come back this evening and write more ... I noticed that someone missed me :) and I have a few new followers. I am glad that even though I don't blog as much as I used to my blog has been an encouragement to others. :) Praise the Lord for using my struggles to help others see that they can make it through!!

Princess turned 1 this past Friday .... and boy has she grown since I last wrote. Leaving you all with a picture of her. Off to make dinner, pick up the house and sew.

At the zoo 3 days before her 1st Birthday


Anonymous said...

Please do write more. You are an inspiration, yes, and it's good for you to set down some thoughts. Princess is v. beautiful!

April said...

I cannot believe she's already a year old! Good to see you back.

Karissa said...

You make beautiful children :)

cassee01 said...

so excited to see your posts and yoru creations are AWESOME! yay you!!!

shim aka NappyKitchen said...

I'm very glad things are going better for you! That Princess really IS a little princess. The camera LOVES her!