Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kid Q & A

I really have so many things to say but I don't want to talk\write about any of it. I am in a freaking stupid funk this week ... the kind where you start crying at your desk at work or over a text your daughter sends you. Instead I am stealing a little something from T's blog .... I added how I would have answered for myself.

1) What is something Mom always says to you?

Mini-Me: "I love you and You smell"
Turtle: "I love you"
Little Man: "Quite Down"
Little Bird: "Take a shower"

Mom: "I love you"

2) What makes Mom happy?

MM: "Your family"
Turtle: "Sewing and your family"
LM: "Me"
LB: "Hugs and Kissing you or when I take a shower"

Mom: "When my kids are happy and when I get to sew"

3) What makes Mom sad?

MM: "Oh gosh Oh wow ... Next question ... to many things to list Mom"
Turtle: "Your dad died and when I don't do my homework"
LM: "I knew that would be the next question ... Me when I am being bad"
LB: "I don't know what makes you sad"

Mom: "When the kids are sick or hurting in some way ... and as MM said lots of other things"

4) How does Mom make you laugh?

MM: "Our inside jokes"
Turtle: "When you stare me down"
ItalicLM: "Your love and jokes"
LB: "When you tell me knock knock jokes"

Mom: "Saying silly things at the dinner table or when I dance"

5) What was Mom like as a child?

MM: "Well you were a rebel cause you had me"
Turtle: "Umm Like me" (she is dead on about this LOL)
LM: "You didn't want to live with your mom cause your dad didn't make you do your homework" (Interesting answer ... this has to do with some things that have been going on around here the past 2 weeks)
LB: "I don't know you've never told me"

Mom: "Just like each of the kids in some way."

6) How old is Mom?

MM: "34" *giggles* (I wonder what she was thinking)
Turtle: "34"
LM: "34 but I think you are still young ... Really young"
LB: "Right Now? Umm I don't know I don't remember."

Mom: "I'm 34"

7) How tall is Mom?

MM: "5'1 and like 3/4 or something like that "
Turtle: *stands up walks over to wall* "I'll say about 60.17 I guess"
LM: *stands up looks at marking at wall* "I'm going to say ... I can't see what the marking says but 60" and 4cm's"
LB: "I don't know" (Do you have a guess) "7' tall is that right?"

Mom: "If you measure me first thing in the morning I am 5'1 afternoon I am 5' even. I shrink throughout the day"

8) What is Mom's favorite thing to do?

MM: "Sew"
Turtle: "Sew and go to Disneyland"
LM: "Have fun with family"
LB: "Watch movies"

Mom: "Sewing ... it is a form of therapy to me"

9) What does Mom do when you're not around?

MM: "I have no idea that is a scary thought"
Turtle: "You work, sew when you have free time and you do other mom stuff"
LM: "Sames things you do when we are here except not talk to us and stuff"
LB: "I don't know that at all"

Mom: "Pretty much the same things as when they are here ... occasionally I go out"

10) If Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

MM: "Writing a book"
Turtle: "Sewing and designing"
LM: "Prettiness"
LB: "Umm cause you sew and you make stuff for people"

Mom: "Me famous?? Ha ha ha Although I love the answers my kids gave ... I have always wanted to write a book, and sewing is a passion and I am sort of pretty."

11) What is Mom really good at?

MM: "Being a mom"
Turtle: "Sewing"
LM: "Loving"
LB: "Sewing"

Mom: "I am a super fast typer"

12) What is Mom not very good at?

MM: "I don't know how to word it"
Turtle: "I can't think of anything"
LM: "Getting me to my homework I dont know"
LB: "I don't know I don't know just tell me"

Mom: "Cutting hair ... I have been banned from cutting the kids hair"

13) What does Mom do for her job?

MM: "Secretary slash nurse assistant"
Turtle: "You work as a nurses assistant or something like that I can't remember exactly at H Middle School in the office"
LM: "You work at H Middle school the Pride as a nurses assistant"
LB: "Work on your computer"

Mom: "I work as the attendance secretary and I am the health assitant for a middle school. Really my job description should be Mom there also. I discipline, love, praise, be tough (Soldier Mom), bandage, give hugs, encourage ... to 450 students."

14) What is Mom's favorite food?

MM: "Pasta ... Fettucine like what I am eating now" (She was out with the dance team eating dinner when I asked)
Turtle: "Banana Nut Bread"
LM: "Like some pastas like macaroni or some angel noodles or something ..."
LB: "This might not be it but it might ... TURKEY! Am I right mom?"

Mom: "I really really love Ice Cream but don't eat it much anymore. Pasta is another favorite."

15) What makes you proud of Mom?

MM: "The way you have raised us"
Turtle: "For helping me grow up"
LM: "You stopped smoking"
LB: "Takes me out to dinner"

Mom: "I am proud of myself for not smoking anymore, doing a pretty good job at raising 4 kids, working and now going back to school ... and for not killing my ex for all of the stupidness he does."

15) If Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

MM: "Oh I have no idea ... you could be Susan from Desperate Housewives though"
Turtle: "I can't think of anybody ... Umm Winnie the Pooh"
LM: "Little Hot Riding Hood"
LB: "I can't think of any numbs"

Mom: "Does WonderWoman count? I always wanted WonderWoman underoos when I was a kid"

16) What do you and Mom do together?

MM: "Cause problems"
Turtle: "Girl stuff"
LM: "My homework and some times we go out and eat rent a red box movie go to the grocery store"
LB: "I don't really remember"

Mom: "I like to take Little Man to the movies. Turtle and I fabric shop. MM and I really do cause trouble and LB and I just hang out"

17) How are you and Mom the same?

MM: "Well duh we look alike"
Turtle: "Uhh we are girls"
LM: "We are blood related and some people say we look a lot alike"
LB: "We both like the color blue"

Mom: "We all love Disneyland"

18) How are you and Mom different?

MM: "We're not we are practically sisters"
Turtle: "Your 34 and I'm 11"
LM: "You are a girl and I am a boy"
LB: "I have a wiener and you don't" (I laughed so hard at this)

Mom: "MM hates peanut butter I love it. Turtle loves clam chowder I hate it. LM wont' touch pasta while I would eat it daily. LB is a raw brocolli eater while I think it takes like eating grass."

19) How do you know Mom loves you?

MM: "Cause you kept me" (I had her at 16 ... damn it that made me cry)
Turtle: "You do a lot of stuff for me"
LM: "Cause you don't throw me around and yell at me" *growling sounds* (umm this had to be seen it was actually very funny to me .... the boy has a very active imagination by the way)
LB: "Because you hug and kiss me"

Mom: "I give lots of hugs kisses and I like to cuddle with them"

20) Where is Mom's favorite place to go?

MM: "Fabric Depot" (Oh yes I am a fabric whore)
Turtle: "Disneyland with your family and your best friend"
ItalicLM: "To visit your mom and a bunch of relatives in Ca and stuff"
LB: "Disneyland"

Mom: "I do love Disneyland, visiting family in Ca, and boy do I love the fabric store"

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MindyMom said...

Aw, that's sweet. I agree that question #19 from your oldest is touching.

Sounds like you are a great mom and have every reason to feel proud.