Monday, March 16, 2009

My Dancer

Sitting on hold waiting forever so I thought I would make sneak a quick post in. I have 10 minutes ... (had to come back and finish after picking up kids)

So my post this morning was dedicated to Mini-me. She has been on the High School dance team since her Freshman year. She had never taken a dance class in her life but man that girl can dance.

Each year in March they compete at the State level. Last March leading up to State Mini-me started complaining of hip pain. After State she started physical therapy. She was given the go ahead to dance again in July. Off she went to dance camp with the team. Twenty-hours after getting to camp she called me and told me that she had injured herself. She had torn the muscles in her right thigh.

She was able to dance in the fall season but only 2 out of the 5. No more kick line, hip hop or lyrical as they hurt her to much. When it came time to try out for the Winter squad she and the Coach had a heart to heart about what Mini-me could really do. She was still in extreme amounts of pain. She told the Coach that she would work through the pain as it was her last year and all she wanted to do was dance. She also said that she would understand if she was not picked to be on the main team but rather be an alternate. Mini-me wasn't asked to be on the squad or be an alternate. She was crushed. The Coach asked her to be the "Team Manager". Basically Mini-me goes to every competition with the team and does hair, make-up, video taping of other teams ... pretty much anything that is asked of her she does.

It has broken my heart that she can not dance this final part of her Sr. year. She often texts me upset from competitions about how rude the other girls are. How she doesn't feel appreciated by them. The text I get the most is "Mommy I want to be the one on the floor. It hurts that I am not there." This one always kills me. Sundays she is full of complaints. I just nod and tell her how sorry I am that they treat her that way. Even though she feels that way she continues to go. Dance is Life to her.

This Thursday the team leaves to Portland to go to State. Mini-me has been doing all of the team fundraisers to make sure her bill was paid off so she could go also. She refuses to give up dance even when she can't do it anymore. I am so proud of her for not giving up even when she is hurting so bad.

Tonight one of the other local High Schools hosts its annual send off. All of the other High Schools come to showcase what they will be preforming at State. I personally think the highlight of the night is when the Sr. girls are recognized. Parents and their Sr. girls are introduced to the audience. I have waited 4 years for this moment and I am a bit sad.

Sad that she is not out there dancing like she dreams of doing. Sad that this is the last dance thing I will attend for her (besides the team banquet). Sad that we are a few steps closer to her being 18 and Graduating. She is so not my little girl anymore. She is a strong, awesome, kick ass dancer and woman. The last 4 years have flown by. Faster than I thought they could. Tonight I want to pause the world just to have one good long moment with my daughter.

I am praying I can make it out on the floor with her with out sobbing. I hate crying in public in front of hundreds of people. ;)

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

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T said...

She can still do it. And kudos to her for continuing to hold on to her dream, in spite of what happened.

Now that's how amazing talent is formed... when obstacles challenge us!