Monday, March 9, 2009

Pick Up Line?

Dinner is always interesting at my house. You never know what is going to come out of someones mouth while we are sitting around the table eating together. It is often we forget our manners and we burp or in my case I belch which in turn sets off one of the boys. Silly stories are told and there is lots of laughter. Once a week I tell the kids that I wonder if I will ever find a man that can handle our family antics at the dinner table. As usual tonight was no different ... I had to giggle at the conversation.

Tonight I was munching away when Little Bird says to me ...
"Mom you are so very pretty and I love you"

Before I could respond Little Man says ...
"There is a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that says it has the 7 signs of beauty in it but when I look at you mom you have all 7 plus more."

I joked around that that this sounded like a pick up line. Mini-me then tells Little Man "Leave the shampoo and conditioner part out and just say ... So I hear there are 7 signs of beauty but when I look at you I see all 7 and more."

I can just imagine my sons using this line on some girl. LOL Knowing them they will keep the shampoo and conditioner part in to get a laugh. :)

After my post from earlier I thought my blog could use a little laughter and lightness. :)


T said...

Hey girl... you're just like me. I feel bad when I post how down I am. But life is all about balance. We have good and bad. Its your blog. We will read and support you either way.

I love Little Man's sweetness. And it is a great pick up line!!

Last night, my little one was overcome with love. She ran and threw her arms around my legs and said to me, "I love you SO much Mommy. You're my favorite love person!"

Ha! The things they say...

Mnemosyne said...

Love your blog! I just found it and it is now added to my blogroll. I love that your son said that, how adorable!