Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Review: Zenni Optical (Online Prescription Glasses)

So I thought I would change things up and do a review. Back in December I had my annual eye exam and quickly realized that both my contacts and glasses would need to be updated. Like most insurance companies out there mine will only cover one or the other. This was an easy choice for me as I wear my contacts daily and my glasses for a short few hours before bed time.

Skip forward to February when I was sent an e-mail with a link to Zenni Opitcal. Being a single mom with very limited funds and needing updated glasses I decided to check it out. Really prescription glasses starting at $8? I thought for sure there had to be a catch.

I spent over an hour looking through all of the information on the site. Spent another 30 minutes or so Googling reviews to see what type of experiences others had with them. All I could come up with was a few complaints regarding shipping time. Something I could easily overlook considering the prices for complete prescription glasses started at $8.

I admit I was a little nervous about ordering glasses from an online site. The fact that you can't try the frames on to see what you looked like was a scary thought to me. I mean who wants to order glasses, no matter how cheap and realize you look like a goof in them. I found two solutions to this problem. 1) Go to your nearest eye care place (Wal-Mart, Lens Crafters, Rainbow Optics) and try on glasses that you like. Then ask for the measurements of the frames. 2) Take a pair of glasses that you own\wear already and measure them.

There are full instructions on the site for what needs to be measured. After you have your measurements and an idea of what you are looking for you can have fun looking through all of the frames. After you find something you like and the measurements seem to be in the range you are looking for it's time to put in your prescription info.

You will need a current prescription for eye glasses. You can not use a prescription for contacts as they are not the same. If you are getting your eyes checked soon make sure you ask for the tech to do a Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement. If you've already had your eyes examined you can grab a friend, spouse, or a kid that knows how to measure and have them help with this part. It's a simple measurement to do even on someone like me with bouncy eyes (according to Mini-me my eyes bounce all over the place).

If the frames you have chosen have a color option don't forget to change that. Want some extras for your lenses? You can add AR Anti-Reflection Coating or Lens Tinting for an additional $4.95. Want some Clip On Polarized 80% Sunshades they are only $3.95.

So you need Bi Focals, Progressive, Photochromic or a higher index lens. No problem they can do it. Prices range from $17 to $37. If you need extra strength lenses like me it will automatically change that box for you when you put in your prescription. A whopping $9 add on.

If you need specialty glasses like the ones I just listed it can take up to 4 weeks from ordering to get your shipment. What's really cool about shipping is that you can order as many pairs of glasses as you want and the shipping cost is just $4.95. This is where you order glasses for everyone in the family that needs them and have them shipped for one low price.

On March 10th I finally chose the frames that I wanted and placed my order. My kids thought that the green frames looked pretty awesome and suggested that I get them. I really wanted the black but they came with orange on them and living in Duck Country I can't wear Beaver colors.

My vision is horrible and I needed the extra strength prescription. Bumping my order up to $28.00. I figured that when I do wear my glasses it is while I am on the computer and it coudln't hurt to spend the $4.95 on the AR Anti Reflective Coating. Add on the AR coating and my shipping my grand total was $37.90 for a cute and stylish pair of prescription glasses.

Now I thought for sure with the adding on of the AR coating and the extra strength lenses that my glasses would not make it to me for 3 weeks or so. I was very happy when on March 19th I received an e-mail from Zenni letting me know that my glasses were being shipped the next day.
My new glasses arrived yesterday via the Postal Services. Thirteen (oh my favorite number) days after placing my order my glasses were in my hands. They come with a hard plastic case and a cleaning cloth.

I can not tell you how happy with my glasses. The prescription is perfect as are the frames. The price and shipping time totally rocked this single moms world. I wore them out last night to meet a friend and I received a couple of compliments. I am considering ordering another pair just to have a back up. I love my contacts but there are times I like to wear my glasses. Having two to choose from would be cool.

I am also wanting to order another pair because the price can't be beat. Zenni Optical has just gotten 2 thumbs up from this single mom. Let me know if you decide to try them out. I would love to hear your experiences with them.

I will be back later to add a picture of myself in my glasses. :)

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