Monday, March 23, 2009

Hallway Flooring, Power Tools and Dad

I hate having so many things to say and not knowing where to start. This seems to be a common problem for me. My brain very rarely has a moment to process one thought before I have moved on to the next. I sat down on my bed tonight intending to post one thing but my mind was going a million miles and hour and I am already ten thoughts down the road. I think the easiest way to get them out tonight is like this ....

1) The hallway is half way done.
2) I love power tools ... really I get excited and a bit turned on when I use them. ;)
3) If my dad was still alive he would be so proud of me.

Ok now let's see if I can get those out into paragraphs that make sense.

My goal today was to get the hallway flooring started and I did just that. It would be possible for me to finish it tonight but my back started hurting. Plus there was a beer in the fridge that wanted me to drink it. I didn't want to hurt its feelings. I am not sure anyone really wants to see pictures of my hallway floors halfway done but I am still going to post one. It's my blog get over it! And cause if I am ever down on myself I can go look at it and remember that I am really awesome.

My hallway ... don't be jealous

Oh yes I love power tools. I am not talking the ones you get at places like this .... Although those excite me also and that is another post all together. I am talking drills, nail guns, table saws, etc. When I started this flooring project a year ago I had to decide between renting all of the tools I would need and purchasing them. It was pretty much an easy decision ... I had to own my own power tools. I have to say that I get such a rush when I use them. Honestly I have to admit that I get aroused. If there was a man around when I was done using my tools I am sure I would jump his bones and do very dirty things to him. I am not sure why I feel so excited about using power tools and working on my house in this way. Maybe it is a power thing ... like I feel more powerful. Maybe it is a confidence thing ... I am able to do more than I give myself credit for. Maybe I am just a kinky freak that is turned on by power tools. Hee hee hee Who knows.

And with weird awkwardness after the last paragraph I will now talk about my dad. As I was working so very hard on my floors I had to stop and miss my dad. I was also so very thankful for him at that moment. It was my dad who taught me how to do things like this. My dad was a Handy Man in every way imaginable. He could design it, build it or fix it. The house I grew up in started out with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. Dad turned it into a 4 bedroom 1 1/2 baths with a kitchen that opened up into the living room. I often helped him with what he was doing. Not a joke when we bought the house it had tiles on the ceilings. The kind you see in old school classrooms. Stapled right to the drywall. I spent hours with him tearing them down, scraping out staples and then sanding. When he tore down the funky wood paneling in the living room and put up drywall I was there helping. Electrical, plumbing, drywall, and more I was there by his side. Soaking it all up to take it with me down the road. Oh and I can change my own oil and probably the brakes on a Volkswagen if need be. He also taught me how to crochet. He really was a Handy Man.

He would be so proud of me for doing this on my own. So Dad ... wherever you are ... Thank you for everything you taught me while you were here. I can only hope that I can pass these wonderful lessons you taught me onto my kids. All 4 of them. :)

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland


T said...

Aw! And heh. I too love me some power tools.

But um... no, I'm not much of a handy man. Though, dang girl, you're definitely inspiring me!

Hallway looks GOOD!

MindyMom said...

Good for you! Isn't it a great feeling to accomplish something - especially the stuff most consider "dude jobs"?

Of course it's always nice to have a "handy man" with power tools to do it for you too! ;)