Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Praying for a miracle ...

First off .. I had no idea you all would still read my blog. It really means a lot to me today to see the comments. :)

Last night I couldn't sleep at all. Around 2am I finally turned off the computer and tried to get some sleep only to lay awake and toss and turn. My brain wouldn't shut down at all. Then like a bolt of lighting the idea came to me to call the company that was interested in the house a few months ago.

Back in July when I came home from Hawaii I had a company approach me about purchasing the house. I met with them but we (me and them) were all pretty positive I would be able to save it. They told me that if anything changed to give them a call. I didn't think much more about it because I really thought I would be able to save the house.

After the bolt of lightening thought struck me last night I went through all the negatives (that's just what I do). I thought there is no way they can help me with the house being sold on Monday. They will just laugh at me. I am embarrassed to call ... blah blah blah my list went on and on while I couldn't sleep.

This afternoon I decided to say screw it and I called. I explained the situation with the house being auctioned next week and the time constraints of the New Years this week and held my breath as I waited for a response. Ken told me to call the mortgage company right then and ask for a 2 week postponement on the auction. Tell them I have a buyer ready now but we don't have time to put a package together this week due to the Holiday. SHUT UP!!!!

After calling my mom again to ask her to pray even more I called the mortgage company. Of course I have to speak to a manager and they are all busy. I was told that I needed to get some sort of package put together and have it faxed no later than tomorrow. Off the phone with the mortgage company and back on the phone with the buyer.

I have a meeting at 930 tomorrow morning. I am really praying that this is the miracle that has been waiting for me. I just need a few weeks time on my side so I can get the money together to move and be able to pay my bills and stuff. This would buy me that time. It would also save what little good credit I have left.

Even though I have a meeting tomorrow and if all goes well and we fax it off I may not know anything until Monday the same day the house goes up for auction. Talk about a killer wait. This really is my last chance for anything to work out to help me in anyway.

I keep asking for prayer on Facebook but no one knows why. I can't bring myself to share with anyone on there what I am going through. I am still struggling with embarrassment of losing my house and the failure thing. I feel so much safer posting here. Even with pictures of me and my kids all over the page ... lol ... No one even knows I blog or used to.

On a really positive note my sewing machine was fixed and returned to me today WHOO HOO. I didn't really have the money to fix it but I need some healing and sewing does that. I am off to sew and pray for my miracle.

Damn it feels good to write. I can feel so many things relaxing and being released. :)

I have used this quote before but I really love it and it fits perfect.

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown


Hef said...

I started reading your blog a while ago (obviously). I'm in a horrific financial situation right now, too. I'm hoping you get your miracle and that mine is right around the corner. Here's to a better New Year... looking forward to reading your blog again, too.

Debbie said...

there is NO shame in what you are going through! God is in the miracle buisness and I pray that this comes through!! Whatever happens know that you are doing all you can, the best you have with what you have! Hold your head and remember to whom you belong!!! :) will be praying....

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Shannon said...

The background is from The Shabby Blog site. You will need to know some HTML and how to use blogger to change things. :)