Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby stuff ...

I am no longer getting weekly shots to keep contractions away. Last Thursday when I went in I told the nurse about the rash, bump and itching and showed her the bump that was still there.
She spoke with the Dr. and we all agree that I am having an allergic reaction to something in the shot. It was left up to me if I wanted to try one more shot but since we don't know how my body would react to the shot I chose to skip it.
Now I sit and wait and see what my body is going to do. We are hoping that there is enough hormones (from the 4 shots I did get) to keep contractions from kicking back in. I am not holding my breath on this one. I started contracting some last weekend. Just a few short days after the 1st skipped shot.
Some contracting is normal as it prepares your body. Also normal considering I have been pregnant so many times. Not normal to have them for hours on end and have to breath through them. :( Bleck
I am just going to hang on to faith that my sweet Dani will stay put for a few more weeks and that I don't have to go on bedrest.

In other news The Coach still won't talk to me. He refuses to call and ask when appointments are. He will only text. I give the standard reply that if he wants to know he can call. He doesn't know about my allergic reaction or that I am no longer getting the shots. I did a ton of praying on whether or not I was to call him and tell him. After several days of crying and not knowing what to do I felt like God told me to just sit and be faithful to Him. So that is what I am doing. This is hard for me because I have so many things I want to say to the Coach. Not one will help the situation what so ever.
I anticipate a text from him some time this evening. As he knows my appointments are always on Thurs or Fridays. I am already praying about how I am supposed to respond.

I have a nice big round belly. So nice, big and round that people think I am due anytime now. When I tell them that my actual due date is still 11 weeks away they so kindly tell me I am huge. Why thank you lol ... Like I don't know how big I am. I love my belly :) It is huge. It is very round. It is mine. :) It is all baby. When you are only 5 feet tall it is to be expected that you look farther along than you really are.

My Mini-me is throwing a baby shower for me in June. I am pretty excited and nervous. I don't really like being the center of attention. Hard to believe really. I like attention but not all eyes on me and everyone awwwing over everything I do. Or having to touch my belly. That kind of stuff freaks me out. I feel like I am some sort of exotic display that has never been seen before. LOL
Excited because I have to admit I love getting gifts and gifts that are cute for a baby are even better. LOL

Off to take be taxi mom. 3 kids with practices ... 3 hours total of practices. Dinner should be interesting.

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cassee01 said...

Hoping you make it as long as you need to sans contractions. Why won't the coach call you? Are you still talking to Jeans - I noticed you haven't mentioned him in a while, just Coach.