Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am here :)

I am here :)
I am still pregnant
Been super busy with Turtle and Little Man ... between the two of them we have had softball and baseball games pretty much every day.
If I am not at a game I have been trying to get sewing time in.

Had an ultrasound last Wed. and the baby is in the 43% for how far along I am. I was measuring 33 weeks and I was 34 1/2 weeks along. Dilated to 1cm.

Had an appointment yesterday and lost another pound. :( Can't figure out why I have lost 2lbs. I measured at 33 weeks still (I was 35 1/2 weeks) Dr. didn't seem concerned. Dilated to 1cm maybe a little more and Dani's head is super low (possible the reason why I measure so small?)

Even though the Dr. isn't worried about me losing weight, my fundus height, or that she measures small I worry. :( I am not by any means a big person. The Coach is pretty thin but he is tall. We were both way over 8lbs at birth and my other babies were average sized.
I am trying not to worry. I know that whatever happens God has planned out and is in control.

I have not talked to The Coach. He has made no attempt to contact me. His mom and I spoke after the ultrasound (she went with me) and she agreed that he needs to pull his head out of his butt and that if she was in my shoes she would not be chasing him around. It saddens me that he is missing out on all of this. I know that he thinks he will just step in when she is born and tell me how he is going to be in her life and he will try to bully me around but that is not going to happen.

Off to play the Wii for a few minutes lol ... then off to Turtles softball game.


T said...

Your attitude sounds awesome!

Thinking of you...

Shannon said...

Thanks T :) I have my moments of feeling blah and down ... when I say moment I seriously mean like 10 minutes of venting to Mini-me and I am good.