Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pre Labor?

It is currently 11:17pm on July 4th.
It looks like this will be night number 2 of no sleep due to braxton hicks (contractions)

Last night around this time I headed to bed and was excited to sleep. HA!! I quickly passed out but it did not last long. I am guessing maybe 15 minutes or so. I felt a contraction and ignored it. Three of four later I decided to roll over and see if that helped. It didn't help. I tried to ignore them and rest between them but they were hurting.

I was in that half asleep half awake stage ... I finally broke down and looked at my phone for the time. Man I was bummed when I saw that it was only 12:30. I honestly thought I had been laying there for at least 2 hours. I decided to start keeping track of how often I was having them. No real method just lay in bed and when I felt one start look at the time on the phone. My great method let me know I was having them about 3 minutes apart.

Stupid me got excited because they felt just like the contractions I have had with all of my other kids in the middle of the night and then I sleep through them and have the baby the next day.

I was home alone and decided that I should not be. I called Mini-me about 1:30am and asked her to come home. (she is house sitting for The Ex while he and the other kids are on the coast for the 4th) She came home and went to bed. I had been up and walking around the house to see if they contractions would go away (they didn't) but when she came home I went back to laying down. Around 3am I started dozing off. At 4am my friend who is going to be with me for labor texted to see how I was doing. At that point I was having less contractions but major and I mean major cramping. :(

I managed to sleep from 4-6am. Then again from 7-8am. Decided to get up and try church as the main contractions had stopped. I was still cramping. :( I've pretty much cramped for the day. Some of it painful and some not. Came into my room around 4pm today and laid down. I was exhausted from no sleep and was feeling like contractions were going to kick in again.

I woke up after 8pm. :-o Feeling like crap. Wanting to throw up and really crampy again. :( Choked down some crackers and an english muffin. Started feeling a little better. Mini-me and I walked the 15 minutes to the stadium around the corner to catch the fireworks. Had a few contractions on the way but nothing I couldn't walk through or talk through.

Now here I sit. :( Feeling like I did last night. Wanting to cry. I can't do this for days on end. I hate feeling nauseated. I hate the general feeling of ugh/crampiness in my entire belly. :( If it was contractions dude I am so ok with that but it is just this sick to my tummy feeling.

I am back to struggling with The Coach and him being at the birth. I continue to pray for God to show me what I am to do. I have so many emotions about this that it needs to be it's own post all together. If I don't have this baby tonight I am sure I will write about it tomorrow.

Even with a 4 hour nap and it sounding like I am in a war zone with all of the fireworks going off I am going to try to sleep more.

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Hef said...

I hope my vision on you happy and healthy and holding a perfect, healthy baby girl is a reality for you *right now*! I can't wait to hear how everything is going.