Saturday, January 31, 2009


What I should be doing is blow drying my hair and getting dressed. We have to leave in 30 minutes to Little Mans basketball game. I get to see My Ex and his girlfriend (Horse Face), the Ex Inlaws and Gram (I love Gram lots so I don't mind her.)

What I would like to be doing is blogging a bunch of stuff from this week to let it out. Then sit around and do nothing for the entire day, read a book, do some sewing ,,, sigh.

Gah I guess I should go get ready. I know showing up naked to my sons game with wet hair is not appropriate. Although if someone paid me enough to do it right now I would highly consider it if it meant I was caught up on my bills and out of debt. LOL

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T said...

Well, we'll wait for your free time to hear about your week...


Cheer on Little Man and be your beautiful self!