Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Cream in bed ;-)

I am sitting in my bed eating ice cream and doing some major thinking. It's 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon and my kids are playing in the backyard ... No I am not sharing the ice cream. LOL It's mine and I am a ice cream hog. ;)

I have so many things that I want to write about and I am not sure where to start. I've been debating if I should just write and let it flow or break it up into separate posts each with there own title. I like the flow I have when I am just writing but I also like when I am organized about it and I can go back and find it easily if I want to read it. Hmm Maybe I am doing way to much thinking today. LOL

I think (see there I go again with that thinking stuff) I will make this a general post and then write separate ones for my dating issues (Mr. Bend, The Jeans, and other random guys) and My Ex issues.


So with all of my lame thinking out that led to rambling I will move on. I had Thursday and Friday off this week due to grading days. You would think that I would try to relax a little on a 4 day weekend but no I ran myself ragged. :( I am fighting the urge to take a nap right now.
Thursday morning I had to get up to take Mini-me to school. After I took her I headed over to the Social Security Office to change her name on her SS card.

Let's rewind for a minute so you know why her name had to be changed. So I had Mini-me when I was 16 (Can you guess my age now? lol). I met The Ex in 1995 when I moved here to Oregon from Ca. He was part of Mini-me's life from the time she was 4. She did not have any type of relationship with her Bio Dad (I will write about him sometime). When Mini-me was around 9 The Ex adopted her. Hence changing her last name. However being the slacker mom that I am lol I never went down and had her SS card changed to her new legal name. When I did taxes I just used her old name. She got her Drivers Liscense with out any issues.

I got the papers to do it last year but life got in the way and I forgot about it. That was until Wed. morning when I was going to apply for her FAFSA pin number before I left for work. It hit me that she wouldn't be able to register at the College or for Financial Aid if her names did not match up. Since Financial Aid is a time sensitive thing I needed to move fast.

I dread going to the SS office. I had been in the past and it always took forever. Oh I was excited when I got in there and I was number 9 and they were on 5. My excitement soon faded when I got to the counter and the guy told me that having her DL, her ammended birth certificate and her old SS card was not enough. Are you kidding me?? What else could they need? He informs me that I need the Adoption Decree. *sigh*

Frustrated I head home to figure out exactly where I am supposed to get said paperwork. I knew it was at the Courthouse but where. A few phone calls later I was on my way to the Courthouse. Get there find Archives and explain my situation to the lady behind the counter. She then tries to tell me that I can't have access to it because I am the mom. Grr ... I had to explain to her 4 times that I was still Mini-mes mom that I never gave up my rights and that I have every right to access the Decree. She finally got it and pulled up the paperwork. Six dollars later that I don't really have and I was on my way back to the SS office.

With in 30 minutes Mini-me was legally herself according to the SS Administration. :) I was then off flying home to get Little Bird off the bus. Tried to take a nap before the other kids came home and life get busy again but Mini-me and The Ex both felt they needed to call and talk.

From 3 to 5:30 is pretty much a blur of driving kids to work, basketball practice, to the store and picking kids up from work and practice. The rest of the night went quickly and instead of going to bed at 10 like I should of I stayed up surfing stuff online. Making me even more tired for Friday morning.


Friday and we all have the day off. YAY and BOO cause it was another very busy day. Up at 5:45 and at my eye appointment by 8. Just another fitting for my contacts (they can't find the right pair for my screwed up eyes lol). I told Mini-me that she needed to get up before I had left and to be ready with Little Bird cause the 3 of us were taking a trip out to the College.
Home by 9 and out the door again. I always hate leaving the other kids at home alone but they have a cell phone and know the rules of the house. Just made me anxious cause the Community College is 15 minutes away.

My missions at the College were to 1) Take Mini-me so she could see what life would be like in the Fall 2) Get info on Scholarships for both her and I 3) Figure out how to modify my Financial Aid due to my income changing so drastically from 07 to 08.
Everytime I enter that campus I feel so overwhelmed. All of my past failures come back and haunt me. :( I start to panic that I will fail again. I slap a smile on my face and act as normal as possible so that I don't freak Mini-me out. As we were trying to find the office where the Scholarship info was Mini-me got very angry and full of attitude. :( I didn't understand it at first then it clicked in my head right as she barked at me. She turned to me with tears in her eyes and said something about me knowing everything and not telling her anything and that she was feeling stupid. :( My mom heart was sad and confused. She walked around with me for the next hour taking care of things but would not talk. Not even to her Boyfriend when he came found us (he already goes there).

After figuring out what I needed to do to fix my Financial Aid stuff we left. In the car I asked her again what was wrong. All I could get out of her was that she needed to go shopping at Old Navy for therapy. LOL (Which I let her do and she got a pair of Jeans for $1 and a shirt for $4 ... those are not typos. We know how to shop.) After some prodding and breaking down myself and telling her how scared I was she told me that she is freaking out about College. :( She is nervous about being in classes and not knowing anyone. I reminded her that I would be around and she could take a class with me in the evening if she wanted. Her boyfriend would be there as would her best friend (my other daughter). She seemed better after a bit but I am thinking there will be more days like this ... even more so when she actually starts in the Fall.

We finally got home around 1:30. I spent the next 2 hours after that filling out her FAFSA and mine for Fall. I broke down and took a very late nap. Mini-me and her boyfriend made dinner and let me sleep. They rock!!

I did have a "date" if you would call it that. I will write about that tonight along with who Mr. Bend is, My Students Dad, and of course more info about my favorite pair of Jeans.

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T said...

Oh wow!! You went out with the Dad?! Girl!

I was scared when I went back to college too. I had past failures looming over me too. But its amazing what a difference it makes when you know what you want to do with your life.

I pulled up my sagging 2.4 GPA from my 1.5 semesters right out of high school... made straight A's when I went back to college... and graduated Cum Laude.

If I can do it, you can too. You'll be just fine! :)