Monday, January 26, 2009

Funny things kids say

I keep meaning to post this and was busy most of the weekend. So I am taking a break at work ...
So Friday night was just super busy for me. I got off work and Mini-Me and Little Bird picked me up from work (I let her use the car on Fridays since hers died) Anyways ... we run home get Turtle and Little Man. Call Turtles friend who is staying the night to go get her then run to Home Depot to get lights for the garage as they all burned out Thursday night. Shopping with 5 kids on a Friday night is just insane. My boys would not keep there hands to themselves. This goes on for most of our time out.

So as I am finishing up making dinner they are all getting ready at the table and Little man just can't stop getting into trouble. So I turn and say "Dang it Little Man you need to knock it off. You are so on my list right now." His brother (age 5) turns and says "Why don't you just put him on Craigslist"
Ok just writing this at my desk made me laugh out loud. I am pretty sure that Little Bird was wanting me to put his brother on Craigslist like we did our dog recently. Hoping that we could just get rid of him. LOL

It is so hard not to laugh at times like that. I had to turn my back and try to act mad.

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T said...

Its so funny when they do that because you want them to take you seriously but you're trying not to just crack up!

I remember saying to my oldest one time, "You are so on my last nerve!"

To which she replied, "Mommy, you sure do have LOTS of last nerves!"

Gotta love 'em!