Monday, January 26, 2009

She's Crafty!

Have to love days like today ... I had a fight with the Ex when he came to get the kids and then I got stood up by Mr. Bend (will explain more about him later). So I was angry and I have nothing for dinner cause I was supposed to have a date. Mini-me never goes to the Exs house and she had plans with her boyfriend cause I was supposed to go out. :( Lame lame lame!! I decided to go to Target get some house supplies. Came home made a salad and put on my jammies.

Mini-me was a laptop hog ... something about school work that is due tomorrow. She has Senior-itis and waits until the last minute to do any homework. I think she lives in sweatpants now also. LOL Since she wouldn't let me use my laptop I decided I needed a fix.

Oh yes a fix is what I needed ... I have a major addiction. I wish I could say it was just an addiction to sewing but sadly I can't. Fabric, ribbon, buttons, thread ... anything to do with sewing. I can say that this addiction is at least healthy for me. ;) Not really on the wallet but I will not be dying anytime from sewing. I am glad that sewing does not turn my lungs black or cause cirrhosis of liver ... yes my sense of humor is very warped. Sewing actually makes me feel so much better and tonight it really did. I needed some instant gratification ... sex would of worked just as well but I am not doing that these days. ;) Normally I work on a quilt or a tote bag. I actually have like 5 projects going on right now. I told Mini-me this weekend I wouldn't start a new project until I finished all of the other ones. When she saw me getting out new fabric and the cutting mat she gave me the 3rd degree. LOL She is a Mini-me afterall ;) I told her to be patient and see what I was doing.

In about 15 minutes (cutting, ironing and sewing) I had myself a very cute purse sized tissue holder. :) I will probably give it to someone at work tomorrow. In reality I should be listing it in my Etsy shop and trying to make some money. Mini-me wants me to make them and sell them with my totes.

So there you go my secret addiction is out. Hi my name is Shannon and I have a sewing addiction. You can support my habit by telling me how cute my stuff is and how you want one. Hee hee

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Single Mom Seeking said...

First, thank you SO much for having me on your Blogroll. I'm honored!

Second, what a beautiful photo!!

Third, this post really gave me some insight into my kid, who LOVES to sew. I'm not very crafty... a friend gave her a sewing machine, and whenever she's feeling edgy, she creates something new. It really calms her down. I get it now.

T said...

Dang girl! Those are REALLY cute! What a cute idea!

It sounds like you took what the evening left you with and made it into something soothing. Now THAT'S crafty!