Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your child is who?

I always find it a little awkward when I run into someone that I have gone out with on a few dates or even dated for a bit. It is even more awkward when you have friends with you or coworkers sitting near by watching the running into. They of course always want to know all of the juicy details of the past "relationship".

So as I walk into work today I am sure to be drilled about what happened as I left work yesterday. Ms. LG was laughing and said she was writing it down to remind herself to ask me today.

Yesterday ....

So as I am trying to leave work on time (for once) I see that I have a phone message I forgot to give to the Vice Principal. I walk around to the other side of his office and see that he is just walking a parent into it. I looked at the parent they looked at me and it hits us at the exact same moment ... We've dated! We said the normal Hi how are you?
I am thinking that this parent thought I was just another parent there. That was until I handed the phone message to the VP and explained it. He looked a little confused and I was a little embarrassed.

The minute the VP's door closed I turned to Ms. LG and asked "Who's parent is that?" Oh I so didn't want to hear the name that came out of her mouth. Don't get me wrong I love love love my job. I also love all of the kids I work with. However there are some kids that can drive you crazy, make you want to pull your hair out, and make me feel insane. The kiddos name I got was one of the make me crazy kids.

Ms. LB caught on to why I was asking. I was now as red as my pea coat. I told her I was not going to talk about it. I am sure I will tell her that I dated this parent but I am hoping I can do it without turning 12 shades of red and giving away to much info about my personal life in front of who ever may be around when she decides to ask.

What I am really hoping is that this dad did not go home and ask his son about me. I really don't want him to know I dated his dad.

With all of that said ... this guy is very good looking, we had lots of fun together, and I really have no idea why we stopped talking. I think I pulled a classic Shannon and just started ignoring his texts and phone calls.

Ahh well off to finish getting ready for work ... today is my Friday. YAY me!!

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T said...

Oh my!! That is too funny. Especially that his kid drives you crazy. Maybe something about him (the dad) started driving you crazy too?

Enjoy your Friday! We've been home due to ice on the roads for two days now. The kids aren't bored. Yet.