Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts about my day

Let me start with I love my job. I really mean that :) I laugh whenever one of the students comes in my office and asks me if I like my job and I say "No I love it!" Of course they say I am lying. On days like today I can see why they might say that. It has been a weird few weeks of work.
My morning started off just grand ... as I pulled into work I realized I had forgotten my key. Can't get into my health room with out it. So I had to borrow a coworkers. I guess I should explain what I do for work so my two (1 & 2) readers that I have so far can understand what I am talking about ... although leaving it a mystery might be fun also. ;) I work at a Middle School as the Health Assistant/Attendance Secretary. So I deal with sick kids and attendance for 450 students. I also get what we call "high fliers" ... these are the kids that get in trouble daily. My office is right outside of the VPs. Anyways ... My day starts the same each day: Parents start calling around 8 when I get there to tell me that Johnny is sick or going to be late. At 8:30 or so until 9 I get my 20 plus kids that are late for school. Today started the same but lucky me I got yelled at by one parent over the phone for asking for a Dr.s note, 3 other parents telling me that I had to excuse their child for being late to school (for some lame reason and really it's so their child doesn't have to serve lunch detention), and another parent flat out lied to me around 2 period about why she was there picking up her daughter .... she lied so that her daughter wouldn't get into trouble. GAAAA I would really like to go into more detail about how I am tired of some of these parents but that is more than I can type tonight.
The saddest part of my day was when a mom came in to get her daughter to tell her that her dance teacher had died in a car accident last night. :( We (the staff) knew that 2 students in our district had died. One was from the elementary school behind us. The mom had no idea how to tell her daughter. She was crying in my office :( I am so grateful to have an amazing counselor at our school we helped the mom tell her daughter.
Days like this make me want to come home and hug my kids even longer and just a little harder.


I also had issues with my ex today. He has decided that he wants to switch the days that he takes the kids. Actually it's just our one son that he really wants me to take. (Little Man our 9 yr old) Long story short they don't get along. My ex is in school. Claims that he can't get all of his schoolwork done with all of the kids on Tuesday nights. Especially with Little Man having Boy Scouts and Basketball. GRRRR!!!!!
First let me say I would really like to tell My Ex to shove his schooling up his butt and to go get a job and pay me some child support. However that will not solve anything and I just let it go and move on.
Really what I would like is for Little Man to just live with and Mini-Me (my oldest daughter) full time. The things that are happening at his Dads are just not ok with me. :( Heck I know they would not be ok with many people. I hope to blog in more detail about this tomorrow. Little Man did live with me for most of December. Things rocked all the way around but he told me he wanted to try dads again. I think he is afraid if he does not go there his dad will forget him and sadly that is what will happen. It happened with Mini-me so it would happen to Little Man.

I am not even going to try to go back and read what I just wrote as I know full well that I am in a major ramblish like mode tonight. I have so many thoughts in my head and I want so bad to get them out here in this blog tonight but I am so exhausted and I need sleep.

Tomorrow is Friday YAY ME!! I hope to write more clearly tomorrow.

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I love reading your blog. Did I add you to my blog roll yet? If not... I am now! I'm happy you're blogging!