Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Bill Collectors

This is a letter to the bill collectors that would like me to send them the money that I owe them.

If I had money to send to you trust me I would send it. There is nothing more annoying than 10 phone calls in a row from the same number. I won't answer your calls because when I do you argue with me and you just don't get it that I have no money. Also if you can't have a "live" person call me or leave me a message I really don't care to answer my phone. Listening to a computer tell me I need to call you back so that we can argue is going to get you no where.

I hate that my life has gone this direction and that I can not pay my past debts. If there was a way for me to pay for those things you bet your happy butt I would. Not only so you would all leave me alone but so that I could say I took care of my debts cus it's the right thing to do. I honestly hate debt and can't stand suffocating feeling it brings with it.

As for you calling my ex in-laws, my brother and his wife and really even my step mothers parents who I have talked to like 4 times in the 20+ years I have known them I seriously think that needs to stop. If you have the time to research all of those people and that I "may" be related to them in some way and they might have information about me then you should of been researching that I am losing my home due to not being able to make the payments on it and you would have researched just what I do for a living and realize "Hey she really doesn't make any money." Oh and let's not forget that I am a single mom to 4 kids and that my ex husband gives me very little in child support.

So bill collectors if I had enough money I would be paying my bills. Starting with my home loan payment so that my children and I would not be homeless. I would then work my way down and pay the rest of you off. You know if I had money ...

I would appreciate it if you stopped calling other people that have nothing to do with the money I owe you. They don't need to be harassed by you when they have done nothing wrong. However if you want to continue calling me feel free but realize I will not answer my phone and I still don't have money to give you.

Have a wonderful day collecting money from all of the other people on your list that I can only imagine are in the same boat as I am with the crappy economy we are in.



I'm so poor I can't even pay attention. ~Ron Kittle, 1987

I am having an out of money experience. ~Author Unknown


Debbie(single;complicated) said...

ugh! Wish I could not relate....!!!! Praying that things get better for you...

Adriana said...

you are preaching to the choir! i ahd my car repo'd when my baby was 2 months old. so depressing. but things are looking up. rebuild and move least thats what im trying to do.
good luck to you and your beautiful family!
(stopping by from SITS)