Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where I'm at ...

Friday night I took my kids to the movies. I was so depressed about things I left the theater and went into a bathroom stall and cried for 40 minutes. :(
After the movie I had to head home and finish up a baby quilt before the next morning for a friends shower. Sewing is one of the few things that is healing to me. Of course I can't have things be easy half way through quilting the the pieces together I ran out of thread. At 11:30 at night there are not any stores open to get more thread. :( Finally head to bed around 1am only to get up 7 to ask Mini-me to go get the thread needed while I got ready for the shower. The baby quilt got finished but we were 30 minutes late to the shower. My wonderful friend texted me after the shower and said that by far the quilt I made for the baby is the best gift that she got. :) Made me feel great ...
I would be the shorter one in blue. Funny she is having a boy and wore pink and I am having a girl and wore blue.

So while I was finishing the quilt I got the great idea that I needed to leave on a road trip. My younger 3 kids always go to Cousin Camp during spring break so I don't have them until mid week. I asked Mini-me if she wanted to take a trip with me. Being the kick butt daughter that she is and knowing how depressed I have been she agreed. A few phone calls later and a baby shower down we ran home packed a suitcase in less than an hour and were out the door. :)

Three hours to leave the wonderful state of Oregon :) California here we come ....

MMM Chocolate shakes :)

The best burgers in the entire world :)

Mini-me is not the best passenger in the world. She fell asleep shortly after eating our dinner. With 8 more hours ahead of us and me on little sleep it was a tough drive. I pulled over around 2am slept for an hour and felt great for well another hour and realized that I was imagining things on the road. Pulled over and slept another hour and heading back out around 5:30am. Arrived at our destination at 8:45 this morning.

We have showered. Eaten at another one of my favorite food places that I can only get when I am "home" in Cali. We are now off to my real happy spot. :) DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

So much thinking has been done ... now I just need to find time to write it out.

Thank you ladies for the support. :) it means so much to me.

"When you wish upon a star ...."

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April said...

I'm so glad to read this! Hope you're having a wonderful time.